Olympian Jonathan Edwards presents…

“Athlete Breakthrough Blueprint™”

The Premier Mental Performance Coaching Program On The Planet.


Why we do it

Driven by a love for kids who want to go for it, some who aren’t sure, and others who just want to have fun.  These resources are for the athletes, parents and coaches who help make it all happen.

Reason one

Athletes deserve a resource that helps them reach all of their athletic dreams as they grow and mature in and out of sports.

Reason two

Many parents simply have no clue what it actually takes to make an athletes dreams come true and we want to help them.

Still not convinced? Here is another one:

Reason three

Coaches, many of whom are volunteers, need more than just Respect In Sport to be great coaches. We need to give them the resources to grow personally and professionally in sport.

Our Resources For You

With a number of resources in various formats we can help you achieve your dreams whether you are an athlete, a parent, or a coach.

If you like what we do and want to know more

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Books For Parents


What people say

Don’t just listen to us:

“This is a very important book for athletes, parents and coaches.  There is none like it.”

Ruben Gonzalez | Olympian - www.ruben-gonzalez.com

I love this book!

I wish it was around when I was coaching youth lacrosse and basketball.  It provides the perfect balance of a kick in the ass combined with a reassuring arm around the shoulder and clear and precise guidelines for creating a vision and then making it happen. I am convinced it will help inspire many young athletes to heights they otherwise would have thought impossible.

Great work, Jonathan . . .

Todd Wickstrom - CEO| Vibratrim


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