An Unlikely Olympian With a Message To Inspire

Jonathan Edwards is a US Olympian a coach, a dad, a husband, a writer and an a all-around good guy.Jonathan Edwards - Olympian

Jonathan tells it like it is and when it comes to athletes who have big dreams he really tells it like it is because he wants all his athletes, parents and coaches to succeed.

As an only child born to two musicians Jonathan didn’t seem like the kid who would go on to become an All-American and an Olympian in two completely different sports.  But he did, and he does all he can to inspire athletes, parents and coaches who are too quick to try to decide if an athlete is going to make it or not.  The truth is you just don’t know.

While the sports world tends to want to focus on crazy parents, bad coaches, and YouTube star athletes, Jonathan empowers athletes by reminding them that what you focus on, you attract.  So stay focused on the positives and avoid the negatives at all coast.

Jonathan coaches athletes, parents and coaches from around the world with his online courses, his (soon to be published) books and speaks to groups of all ages.  He is originally from just south of Boston, Mass and lives in Calgary, AB Canada with his wife Michelle and two children.

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