One of the concepts we talk about with our Athlete Breakthrough Blueprint program is “No Stone Unturned”. The idea is to be so prepared that your mind can actually be free to think of additional, out-of-the-box, ways to find success.

Consider this. The head coach of the New England Patriots, was so prepared that he was able to get offensive minded even before the game started, by installing a Thermometer outside the opposing teams locker room.

Environment Is a Huge Factor

You are the New England Patriots and you practice in the cold northeast, outside, all season. You’re used to the cold. You prepare for the cold. You get ready to win in the cold.

And you’re playing the Los Angeles Chargers (who are originally from San Diego). It’s warm there…all the time. Cold to them is 68 degrees.

But in New England it’s going to be 20 degrees!

You’d think the Los Angeles Chargers would have travelled to New England early to prepare for the cold.

They didn’t.

But Coach Belichik didn’t assume that they’d be cold. He didn’t assume that they would be ready for the cold.

He reinforced with them the idea that, it’s cold.

You Can’t Fight 95% with 5%

Your subconscious mind is 95% of your battle.

And your body is a huge part of that 95%.

We know now from science that your body has an incredible influence on your subconscious thinking, and if you’re body is telling you it’s cold, well…it’s cold!

And you can tough it out and try to tell yourself that it’s not cold, but you’re doing that with only 5% of your conscious thinking. And you can’t win that battle easily.

And Coach Belichik knows it.

So by duct taping the heck out of that thermometer on the wall outside the Los Angeles Chargers locker room he knows that he’s adding more fuel to that sub conscious fire. He knows that the 5% can’t beat it. So why not draw more attention to it.

This Wasn’t the First Thing On His List

You can bet that Coach Belichik did not do this thinking that his thermometer was going to be “the thing” to help his team win.

This was one of a thousand things that came AFTER his team, his coaching staff, was so prepared that they had everything covered.

This is probably on a list of things to implement on cold weather days. This is a detail that is added on. It’s a death by a thousand cuts, not just one.

As an aspiring athlete, the tendency is to try to find the ONE thing.

It’s not.

It’s a thousand things.

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