Olympian Jonathan Edwards presents…

Athlete Breakthrough Blueprint™

The world’s only Mental Performance Coaching Program for aspiring athletes with big dreams.


Why we do it

Created by our Founder,  ‘unlikely’ Olympian Jonathan Edwards, he realized that there was no definitive resource where aspiring athletes could go to learn about the mental side of becoming an elite athlete. 

This isn’t just about visualization, or some ill-advised breathing technique.  This ten week program takes athletes from where they are and turns them into mentally bulletproof athletes who are ready to deal with anything sport has to offer.



Reason one

Mental performance.  Mental skills.  Psychological training for athletes.  Whatever you want to call it, shouldn’t be a band aid fix when things go wrong.  It is the foundation of ALL athletic success.

Reason two

Sport Psychologists tend to look at athletes and treat them like they are “broken” and need “fixing.”  We know, we’ve been taught those lame techniques like trying to control your breathing when you’re nervous.  That’s like trying to stop a moving freight train!

We believe that athletes need to be taught how to think about their thinking.  How to understand, no just their own ability, but how everything around them can affect their performance.

Still not convinced? Here is another one:

Reason three

Everyone says, “Sport is ninety percent mental.”  Or, “It’s the last ten percent that’s all mental that separates the haves from the have nots.”  Or any other cliche answer you’ve heard.

We believe that this type of work should be the ten percent that comes first, NOT when things go wrong.  It’s the foundation, not the shingles on the roof.

If this resonates with you, why not book your Breakthrough Call with Coach Edwards today.

Our Resources For You

With a number of resources in various formats we can help you achieve your dreams whether you are an athlete, a parent, or a coach.

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Books For Parents


What people say

About Coach Edwards, his book, and The Athlete Breakthrough Blueprint.

You have done more for my daughter in ten weeks than ANY coach has done for her in fourteen YEARS of training. Thank you!

Emma S.


“This is a very important book for athletes, parents and coaches.  There is none like it.” Ruben Gonzalez | Olympian - www.ruben-gonzalez.com

Three months ago our daughter had ZERO belief that she would reach her dream of becoming a Division One athlete. Not only did you rekindle that dream, you gave her the tools to finally make it happen. We appreciate everything you have done for her and wish we had found you sooner to avoid all of that stress.

Cyndi L.

Parent - Daughter is a Division 1 prospect.

I love this book!

I wish it was around when I was coaching youth lacrosse and basketball.  It provides the perfect balance of a kick in the ass combined with a reassuring arm around the shoulder and clear and precise guidelines for creating a vision and then making it happen. I am convinced it will help inspire many young athletes to heights they otherwise would have thought impossible.

Great work, Jonathan . . . Todd Wickstrom - CEO| Vibratrim


As a parent, you can be as successful as you want to be, but transferring what you know to your son or daughter can be impossible. We put our son in the Athlete Breakthrough Blueprint so that Jonathan could teach him what we knew as parents, but could not get through to our son. In eight weeks Jonathan transformed our son. It was just like Jonathan says, it was an “upgrade” to his operating system. I even hired Jonathan for his own coaching in my own life. This was hand’s down the best investment we have made for our son.

Garrett W.

Entrepreneur - Parent of a Nationally ranked athlete.

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