Jonathan Edwards is an Olympian, a father and a husband, and a Mental Performance Coach specializing in aspiringOlympian Jonathan Edwards athletes with big dreams and the parents and coaches who support them.

As the only-child of two Musicians, Jonathan grew up around the classical music scene but fell in love with sports at a late age.

Always the slowest, least-coordinated, with some extra chubs around his middle, Jonathan didn’t find his athletic stride until he was thirteen years old.

This has always given Jonathan a unique perspective on athletic development. He is a fan of the underdog and wants to see every athlete win. LTAD models be damned.

A goalie in every sport he played, Jonathan quickly learned to see athletes from a different perspective.  He couldn’t just be the athlete, he had to be part athlete and part coach which helped him develop an early understanding of how athletes perform in the right situations and under certain pressures.

An All-American and a Division One recruit in one sport, and an Olympic athlete in a completely different sport (but not a “gifted” athlete), Jonathan has coached athletes in a variety of sports for close to thirty years.

He consults with athletes and their families on high performance sport, strength and conditioning, and college recruiting, but his main love is being the Mental Performance Coach that every athlete needs.

He is the Founder of the Athlete Breakthrough Blueprint, the world’s only Mental Performance School dedicated to helping aspiring athletes navigate the world of high performance sport without losing their soul.  This twelve week program gives athletes the tools to reach their athletic dreams, and beyond.

He is also the author of, “An Athlete’s Guide To Winning in Sports and Life” which hit #2 in Sport Psychology when it launched on Amazon.

Born and raised outside of Boston, Massachusetts Jonathan lives in the Olympic city of Calgary, Alberta Canada with his Canadian wife Michelle and their two kids, Quinn and Makena.


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