Getting Quiet To Find Out What You Really Need

[00:00:11] Hi, guys. Hey, it’s Jonathan. And welcome to another video. Today, we’re going to talk about getting quiet to find out what you really need.

[00:00:19] So with the athletes that I work with in Mental Performance School and The Athlete Breakthrough Blueprint, you know, one of the times people come to me is help finding clarity. So having an unbiased set of eyes, helping an athlete with the mental performance side. But also, if all you focused on was the visualization and the mental side of your game, you’d be doing things wrong, just like if all you did was spent time in the technical aspect to your sports.

[00:00:50] That’s the point. The work that I do is getting an athlete to look at the big picture because you can’t ignore something. You’ve got to basically create a well-rounded athlete. So if you’re an athlete and you know that you kind of hide doing the physical stuff, like you like to be in the gym or you’d just like to do the technical aspect of your sport, then you know, you’re not.

[00:01:14] You’ve got to fix that.

[00:01:17] But one of the things, is that a lot of times athletes, when you’re in it, when you’re training, when you’re competing, when you’re in school, when you’re maybe working a job or whatever, it’s like, go, go, go. You have no time to think. Getting quiet is a time and a place for you where you can allow, kind of that, inner voice to tell you, “Listen, we’ve got to work on…this.”.

[00:01:42] Whatever that may be for you. Now, the interesting thing that we’re all experiencing during the coronavirus, is that there’s a fair bit of downtime. But what a lot of young athletes do is they fill all that time with consumption.

[00:01:57] And so the number one consumption with my phone is Tick-Tock Instagram. Snapchat, whatever.

[00:02:04] So there’s really even though we have downtime because we’re quarantined, a lot of athletes aren’t treating it as such. They’re in consumption mode as opposed to production mode.

[00:02:19] Now. The hardest thing to learn to do is to do nothing, There’s a great quote and I always mess up who it’s from. I think you might have been Pascal or somebody said, you know, “All of man’s problems rise from the fact that he can’t sit in a room quiet alone.”.

[00:02:40] And when you learn how to do that, when you get away from the noise, you get these little bubbling of intuition that are there all the time. But you just can’t hear them. You can’t understand them. You don’t give them the the attention that they really deserve because you’re always…doing.

[00:03:01] Now, even though this could be a really good time when we’re stuck at home, to have lots of these times to be thoughtful and mindful and all those good words, a lot of athletes are giving them selves up that opportunity because they’re they’re just consuming typically social media.

[00:03:18] Now, parents at home can also be in a similar situation where they’re not doing that either. Or they’re looking at their athlete who’s doing nothing and they are stressed now because they feel like their athlete should be doing something Something productive, do something productive. That’s that’s the lament of most parents.

[00:03:36] But the idea is that sometimes doing nothing is the best thing that you could be doing or not doing. OK. So take some time. I want you to take some time today after you’re done listening to this.

[00:03:52] Shut off your phone.

[00:03:53] Go for a walk without your headphones. Without your earbuds. Without your phone. Leave your phone at home. Go for a walk.

[00:04:01] Now, I know some of you are stuck in places where even going for a walk is forbidden. But you know that for the most part. A lot of you can just get outside for a little bit and get somewhere where you’ve got no input and you’re just allowing things to happen.

[00:04:16] Now, if you know, if you pray, if you meditate, all those things, those are great as well, because you can just kind of tap in to that inner voice a little bit more easily.

[00:04:29] But if you have no practice doing that, I don’t want you to try to start it right now. But by getting away from the consumption and getting away from all the noise, you’re probably going to hear some kind of little downloads from the universe that allow you to think of things that you should be working on. .

[00:04:45] Those things that you’ve been ignoring. It’ll help you kind of come to a conclusion like, all right, yeah, I’ve been ignoring this. I really need to take some time working on those things to make yourself a more holistic athlete.

[00:04:57] What are you running from? What are you not addressing? Those types of questions are the things you’ll get answers to when you’re getting quiet. .

[00:05:05] So I hope this helps. If it helps to be there, leave me a comment wherever you’re watching this or listening to me. And by all means, you can always email me coachedwards at athletespecific.com, because like the athletes that I work with on a daily basis and the families I work with in our Athlete Breakthrough Blueprint and Mental Performance School, we’re working on things like this. So if I can help you just reach out. I look forward to hearing you soon. Cheers. See tomorrow.

Olympian Jonathan Edwards

Olympian Jonathan Edwards

Founder - The Athlete Breakthrough Blueprint

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