Jon Feinman is a cool dude.  I first found out about him watching an ESPN video that got me so riveted I watched it twice. 

As someone who’s been in and around the world of strength and conditioning as an athlete, and then as a business, I know how hard it is to be in that business but how cool it is when you know you’re making an impact.

Jon’s story is awesome.

From his bio: Jon founded ICW in 2010, building upon his experience in Americorps and as a personal trainer. As CEO, he is focused on aligning the vision, strategy, culture, and growth of ICW to flip power dynamics, bridge social capital, and amplify the voice and agency of people who have been most impacted by mass incarceration and systemic racism.  

Over his 11 years at ICW, the company evolved from a weight training program to a workforce development track, to a social justice organization. What started as a gym, is now a community where people belong, together. Where people are valued as equals, and people with lived experience are listened to as the experts. It is a person-centric organization, where goals are determined by and driven by each individual. Rather than doing something “for” someone,  ICW partners with and alongside each person to assist in empowering personal success. 

Jon received his MBA from Babson College in 2010 where he launched ICW. For his work, Jon has received awards from the Boston Celtics, Year Up, Good Sports, Bostinno, and Babson College. In 2014 he was named one of the Ten Outstanding Young Leaders by the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, and in 2015 received the Ernst and Young New England Entrepreneur of the Year for Social Entrepreneurship. ICW has been featured on ESPN, CBS, NESN, and in the Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, and NPR.  

You can check out the ESPN video that got me hooked here: Redefining Strength

When you’re done with that be sure to follow Jon Feinman on Instagram here: InnerCityWeightlifting.org.

Their Facebook Page is here if you do the Facebook thing: InnerCityWeightlifting and be sure to catch them on Twitter and Linkedin.

Turns out Jon is a big Steve Carrell fan, and if you had to have him choose between cats or dogs…well…he’s a dog guy.

When I asked him who his most influential coach or mentor was he said: Nathaniel Ogedegbe which I wasn’t expecting.

He’s an ENTP Personality type but can be Introverted or Extroverted, as needed, which is an awesome trait to possess. And while it’s important to know your personality type (you can get a free assessment here) it’s also important to know that your personality isn’t permanent.  Grab Dr. Benjamin Hardy’s book to find out why: Personality Isn’t Permanent

And when he’s not changing the world by using personal training as a means for social justice, he surfs on the south shore of Boston.

All-in-all, Jon Feinman is a good dude.  Doing good things.  With other really good dudes.  It was a pleasure to get to know him.

So head on over to www.InnerCityWeightlifting.org and make a donation or pick up some merch and wear it with pride.

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