The Worlds Only Mental Performance Training Program for Aspiring Athletes With Big Athletic Goals.

The Athlete Breakthrough Blueprint™

Created by our Founder, Olympian Jonathan Edwards.

I realized there was no, one, uniform mental performance coaching program where parents and coaches could send their athletes…so I created it.

“He’s like a life coach for athletes! The Blueprint brought me clarity in everything I do.” Krissy T. – Aspiring Olympian

“Everyone told me I couldn’t.  Jonathan showed me how I could.  And we did!” – Emma L. – Division 1 Athlete

“I had so much doubt…until I worked with Jonathan.” – Will S. – Scholarshipped D1 Athlete

3 Signature Programs

Athlete Breakthrough Blueprint Pro

For our athletes who are pursuing a professional athletic path and dollars are on the line. 

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We won’t know what program is best for you until we get on a call.  The call is free and it’s a way for us to see if we will be a great fit.  If not, no hard feelings and we’ll part as friends.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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No Athlete Dream Too Big Or Too Small

Whether your athlete is looking to make the pros, compete at the Olympics, or compete on the Grand Prix.  Or maybe they’re just trying to make the varsity or their next travel team, The Athlete Breakthrough Blueprint is the foundation that will help them get there.

You’ve probably heard how mental performance, or sport psychology, or mental skills are the key that puts an athlete into the “elite” category, well we don’t disagree.  We just feel that the sooner an athlete has those skills, the better everything works once they have them.


“The Blueprint” as we like to call it, was created by our Founder, Olympian – Jonathan Edwards as a way to help any athlete who is committed to their dream.  It’s a framework of thinking that will unleash an athletes potential.

Whether your athlete is currently struggling with confidence or anxiety issues.  Or maybe they are just looking for that edge to help them win, now is the right time to see if you’re a fit. Book a Breakthrough Call today.  We’ll spend 45 minutes on the phone. (The call is free) And we’ll find out just what’s going on.  If we’re a fit, we may invite you to become part of the program.  If not, that’s cool too.  It’s our way of giving back so don’t delay.

Years Coaching


We’ve Been Building Athletes For Over 27 Years

The foundation for The Athlete Breakthrough Blueprint started over twenty-seven years ago when our Founder, Olympian Jonathan Edwards realized that there was a serious lack of coaching that addresses the foundational mental, emotional, and physical principles necessary to help young athletes reach their dreams.

What does your athlete need the most help with?


Let’s Make Your Athlete Better…Fast!

On our weekly calls we’ll deal with whatever your athlete  is dealing with right away.  Then, in just over two months we can drastically change the mental outlook of your athlete and the results they experience on the field of play.  They will then be on a confident path to reach their goals no matter what those goals might be.


Does my athlete qualify for the Athlete Breakthrough Blueprint

Coach Edwards is a huge fan of ANY athlete who is chasing big dreams.  If your athlete is looking to compete in the Olympics, or at a Grand Prix.  If they have hopes of competing in the NCAA or something similar.  OR…if they have professional sports or gaming aspirations, then they might be a fit. 

We also have our Mental Performance School Program which may also be a fit. The only way will know is if you get on a Breakthrough Call to see if we can learn more about your athlete and if they will benefit from the program.  So book a call today.  We’ll take 45 minutes and get to know each other and to see if we’ll be a match.

How young an athlete will you work with?

Great question.  The youngest athlete we have ever worked with was a very prodigious twelve year old.  Coach Edwards wasn’t sure if that was going to work, but sure enough, it did.  That being said, it’s quite rare. 

We would say that if your athlete is a very motivated 14 year old that the program should work quite nicely.  We will tell you if your athlete needs more time to mature before they are a great fit, but we won’t know until we speak with you. The general rule is that the sooner your athlete learns what we cover in our program, the better.

Most likely you athlete will be a great fit for our Mental Performance School program that our parents AND athletes go through.



What is your Mental Performance School Program?

We created Mental Performance School™ because Jonathan realized there was a real opportunity to help parents and their athletes.  Instead of just passing off the athlete and hope we’d “fix” them, we decided to create the only program of its kind that teaches both the athlete AND the parents.  It is also a bit more affordable for some as well.

What kind of results can my athlete expect to acheive?

The late Jim Rohn said, “No one can do your push ups for you.”  So while we’d like to say your athlete is going to win the gold medal, we just can’t.  Ultimately, your athlete is the one who will put in the work.

Now what we can say is that your athlete will have increased clarity about their life as an athlete and the path to become elite. We will help them with their confidence and any anxiety they have.  We will help them understand how to better use the coaches around them and how to work with teammates.  And most importantly, we will help them on their approach to their sport so they can become the competitive athlete they want to be.  And much more…

How long is The Blueprint?

The Blueprint is an in-depth program that takes 12 weeks to complete.

How does The Blueprint actually work?

Great question!  During the program your athlete will be on the phone with us once a week.  This helps us guide the athlete through their most pressing issues.  These calls are then supported by online video modules to help explain additional concepts to help your athlete succeed.  Your athlete has access to the video calls even after the program has finished.

What happens when The Blueprint is over?

Many of our athletes find the weekly calls so helpful that they choose to continue on with weekly coaching after The Blueprint is over.  While this is nice and we love working with your athlete, it is our goal that your athlete is given the tools to succeed in the original Blueprint.

What makes the Athlete Breakthrough Blueprint so effective?

We believe that what we teach in The Blueprint is the foundation of what every athlete needs to understand in order to have success in their sport.  Many athletes are taught to focus on the “doing” of the thing which is primarily the technical side of their sport.  But as you know there are many other sides to that success which are rarely taught and therefore rarely understood.  Our experience has shown us that even the most elite athletes lack significant understanding of some basic principles.  It’s like they’ve been dragging an anchor behind them.  Once released an athlete feels relieved and excited and fast progress is made.

Client Testimonials

“In the FIRST WEEK of the program I was able to put to bed some past limitations with my coaches that were holding me back.  I wish I had known about this program years ago!”

Tamara Q - Athlete

“If you’re thinking about joining The Blueprint, just do it.  Our daughter was returning from injury and was full of self-doubt.  Her coaches weren’t really helping either.  Jonathan’s program was able to help her find herself and get back to where she was before…and better.  Her coaches were in shock.  They thought she was done.”

Anika M - Parent of Aspiring Olympian

“My son had big dreams, and to be totally honest, we weren’t sure he’d be able to reach them.  Jonathan’s program helped him think about his thinking and put him on track to not just meet his goals but exceed them.  Our son is more confident, not just sports wise, but in all other aspects of his life too.  It’s been well worth the investment.”

Ed O. - Son is aspiring collegiate athlete.

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